Dance for Grenfell!

HUGE congratulations on an outstanding performance yesterday Year 5! The Dance Off was a great success and our biscuits went down very well!

Many thanks to all those who contributed to such a worthy cause. Watch this space for the grand total raised…

The Great Escape!

Yesterday, it was time to say goodbye to our friends Titania, Lysander, Puck and Bottom. We have enjoyed watching them closely over the last few days, but it is now time for them to enjoy their freedom. We released them near the planters, where there are many butterfly-friendly flowers for them to enjoy.

Busy baking biscuits…

Today the children in Year 5 have been busy baking biscuits to sell at their fund-raising event tomorrow, to raise money for the British Red Cross Grenfell Tower fund.

Don’t forget to come along tomorrow for our Dance Off and bring some change for a collection and for biscuits!

Lunch time!

This is Titania enjoying feeding from a fresh piece of buddleia – but what is the name of the ‘tongue-like’ part of her body she uses? Look carefully and you can see it in this photo. Three house points for the first person to comment with the answer!


Breaking butterfly news!

Overnight we gained one more butterfly …and ten minutes ago the final one emerged! So Titania, Lysander, Puck and Bottom have all made it to Butterfly-hood! We will be able to spend Monday admiring them and Tuesday can be the big release!

Look who’s here!

Two of our cocoons have hatched into Painted Lady butterflies! I’ve brought them home over the weekend so I can give them some fresh flowers and sugar water. I’m hoping the remaining two will successfully hatch but no sign so far… watch this space!