Greek Mosaic Tiles

The snow was falling outside, but inside, the children in 4TOKMH were busy working on their mosaic tiles, using their designs and carefully positioning and fixing their mosaics.

We’re loving the looks of deep concentration on their faces!

Our next job will be to grout the tiles. Watch this space for the finished products!


A mystery suitcase…

First day back and there was no time to waste in Year 4 today! The arrival of a mystery suitcase meant that the children had to kick their detective skills into action to try and work out who the suitcase may have belonged to and where it may have come from….

The contents included swimming shorts, a beach towel, sun cream, some olives and an ancient-looking pot! But what do these clues point at? Ask anyone in Year 4 for more details!

Merry Christmas!

Mrs O’Keeffe, Mr Halton, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Morgan, Mrs French and Mrs Carter would like to thank all the boys and girls in 4TOKMH for their cards, good wishes and lovely gifts. Have a fantastic break with your families and we’ll see you all in 2019 for another exciting term! xx

Merry Christmas